Why is local economy so important?

The quality of our lives depends greatly on the quality of local businesses and services. By supporting local businesses - you will improve the quality of life for yourself and your loved ones. And above all, you will also support the local economy, because usually, the owners of local businesses live in your neighbourhood too, so they spend all their profits in the given place, which in turn supports others and maybe you too. It's such a nice self-supporting circle:)

How it works - 3 easy steps

  • Simply choose local projects you like.

    Or recommend us your favourite one.

    All businesses on our platform undergo a thorough selection process. Either we have been working with them for several years and know them well, or if it is on recommendation, we check them carefully.


  • Support them with your time or skills

    Complete co-creation tasks.

    You can help your favourite business or project by completing the co-creation tasks and be rewarded with interesting rewards.


  • Support them with your money,

    by supporting their crowdfunding campaign

    he projects you really like you can support even more with their crowdfunding campaign and get even more interesting rewards.



Help us with our mission!

Do you like our mission and want to collaborate with us or start colocals in your city?


Have any question?

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