About us

We believe that local businesses are a key part of a healthy economy and happy communities.

That's why our mission is to help local businesses thrive.

In the last decade's flourishing globalism (we import meat from Argentina, food from Brazil, yoghurts from France, mobiles from China) brought many great things, but now is hitting its limits. No one is as enthusiastic about globalisation as before. However, thanks to exponential technologies like the internet, 3D printing, AI, blockchain, etc. we can already produce and distribute most things locally.

But it's not just about technology, it's mainly about people! The local economy is the path to a sustainable and joyful future and we are bringing it to reality. Although the world will still remain global, but in the sense of connectedness and sharing. Think globally, act locally!


We have been building solutions for local businesses for over 9 YEARS and >3000 local businesses have used our products every day.

We’re no half-baked potato, which started during the pandemic. We’ve been creating solutions for local businesses since 2013 when we developed the first online reservation system for restaurants in the Czech Republic. Later we were acquired and our team joined Storyous and helped to move it from 10k to 1mil MRR and made Storyous one of the most successful POS in several countries (acquired by SaltPay / Teya). Patrik, as Head of Product there, reached out to tens of restaurant owners, and realized that many of the owners don't care about POS qualities if they don't have enough customers! So we started with LocalHeroes - an easy-to-use marketing tool for local businesses so they can easily promote themselves, but we didnt find product-market fit. Later Patrik was Head of Product for the blockchain based co-creation startup Crowdholding and from there it was only a small step to Colocals.

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Meet our team

We are an international team with many years of experience in building digital products and startups through different companies. We have experienced some successes and some fuck-ups too:) Even though it s a challenging mission, now we’re ready to build a great platform and help the world to be a little bit better place:)


Patrik Charous

CEO & Head of Product

Creating B2B products and startups that have been used by thousands of companies for over 10 years. #ai #web3 #sustainability


Andy Leatherland

Head of Sales

Leading successful sales teams in corporations, but last years also in startups for more than 10 years.


Jakub Chladek

Head of Development

Building sites & apps from the first line of code all the way through to configuring their cloud architecture for over 10 years.


Tomas Tomcany


Managing a 1.2 billion portfolio at NN company and invest in interesting tech startups.

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Tomas Tomcany - what to invest in today's wild times and why he decided also for Colocals.

Tomas is an experienced investor who manages billion-dollar funds and in the interview we will talk about what is currently worth investing in and other things.

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We are now in Milton Keynes!

This is exciting for us and me in particular as it is where I have called home for over 10 years. Being part of this community is massively important to us and I wanted to talk about a recent experience.