How it works - 3 easy steps

  • Engage local people

    And get valuable contacts!

    Local people know exactly what they need and want in their neighbourhood and if they like your concept, they will be happy to help. You just need to give them an easy way. Therefore we have created unique co-creation tasks. You can ask locals about your new idea for a new menu, promote you on social media, etc. And you can easily reward them with your services, get contacts and gradually create your active community.


  • Get Smart Money

    And grow your community even more!

    Getting a loan from a bank is almost impossible nowadays for small businesses. But mainly even if you get a loan, it won`t help you to get more customers. With the Colocals reward crowdfunding campaign, you get more than just money. You will enhance and engage your community and even sell your services on the way.


  • Promote yourself effectively.

    And have more long-term customers!

    Colocals is 7X more effective than traditional marketing. Likes on social networks are nice, but they won't pay your bills. Do you need to promote your new offer or something else? Better reach your customers directly on their mobile. Simply communicate with your customers via texts, emails, and more. And have a long-term successful business!



Why do business owners love our solution?

Local business owners usually do not have time and large marketing teams to properly communicate and promote themselves. That's why we've created an easy-to-use tool that will save you a lot of time. Use it just a few minutes a week and gradually you will have more and more satisfied customers.And you can concentrate on the most important thing - your core business!


Great design

User interface specially designed for busy business owners allows you with a minimal IT and marketing skills to use Colocals from day 1 without any difficulty from your mobile, or laptop.


Learn from the best!

You can join our academy and continuously improve your entrepreneurial skills with our online courses and much more.


Powered by AI

Our AI (Artificial Intelligence) will help you analyse data, make smart decisions, but most importantly save you a lot of time. So use the power of AI to your advantage, or stay behind!


Custom approach

We treat each customer individually. We always first make an analysis and choose what is the most suitable to start with directly for you. Only pay for what you actually use!


What our customer say


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We are now in Milton Keynes!

This is exciting for us and me in particular as it is where I have called home for over 10 years. Being part of this community is massively important to us and I wanted to talk about a recent experience.


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