Do you have local business or project?

Restaurant, theatre, NGO,

are you yogi or local producer?

Get crowdfunded
and mainly gain more happy customers!


Manage & Improve

You can easily manage everything from one place.

Local people know what they want and need in their neighborhood. Would they like another coffee shop nearby? What do they say about the new menu? Simply ask them and provide the kind of services that are genuinely interested. Like reservations and feedback from many streams, get data, engage local people and improve their business concept.

Engage & Promote

You can co-create with local people

Do you need help with design, marketing or promotion? There are many people who will be happy to help you with this if they like your business. And you can easily reward them and gradually create your own community. Ask them for completing tasks, reward them and engage them this way.

Get Funded

But it s not only about money

But mainly about creating community!

You can ask local people for crowdfunding and engage them even more. You will raise not only money, but mainly you will create community and get new customers.


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What our customers say about us?

I have been using Colocals solution for several years - content management, bookings, etc. It has saved me a lot of time, attracted new customers, but what I appreciate most is the great support and that the guys are constantly working on it and improving it.

Tomáš Skála


We have been cooperating with the Colocals team for 6 years, in all our establishments we primarily use the reservation system, which they customized for us, but also other things. And even though we have hundreds of customers a day, I can always fully rely on them. We are now dealing with the possibility of crowdfunding.

Petr Fridrich


Because running a veterinary clinic is time-consuming - I needed a comprehensive solution where I can easily manage everything I need. And that's exactly what I found - she quickly launched modern websites, activated the reservation system, I simply manage all feedback and content. Now I'm also looking forward to the co-creation module.

MVDr. Diana Halaszová


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