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The greatest paradox of our time is that thanks to technological progress, most people in our western world could live nice and happy lives, but at the moment most people are just running around stressed and we have the biggest increase in depression, autoimmune diseases, burnout, etc. The main problem is that we have so many options and opportunities that we are lost:) We all have a philosophy of life - a set of values, beliefs, and techniques to solve problems. And our philosophy of life is either unconscious or conscious. It is unconscious in the case that we automatically adopt what we were taught by our parents, in school, etc.... Of course, many times these are things that don't help us much in life. On the other hand, a conscious philosophy of life is when we consciously choose our values, beliefs, and techniques of how we approach life's challenges. And of course, the better life philosophy we have, the better quality of life we will have.

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Historically, there have been many philosophies and schools of life - for example, Cynicism, Stoicism, Buddhism, Sufism, and many others.  Even in ancient Greece, the wealthy studied them for several years to prepare them for life.  But with the massive expansion of the Catholic Church in the 4th century in our western world, all these schools were suppressed.  And in the 20th century when people massively started to abandon even the values of Christianity, it was as if people lacked some instruction for life and there was a boom of all kinds of teachings, new techniques.  So most people at the present time live in a kind of vacuum when they don't know what to do, what to live by. So they are always reading and trying new things, but mostly they don't last long at anything.  Because mainly it has become a business, so it's ideal when you search and pay all your life:) But nowadays we need to have a life philosophy much more than before. We live in a time of incredibly fast changes, the number of radical changes we have experienced in the last 20 years our ancestors have not experienced in a century. Our attention is also constantly assaulted by sophisticated campaigns, dopamine traps that our ancestors never had to face before. So you actually have 2 choices:

  1. either you consciously adhere to a philosophy of life that will help you to know and not get lost in today's incredible opportunities and live a good life
  2. you will just wander through life unconsciously and stressed out, being guided by other people, until you get mad, or get seriously sick of it

Technology is also making us more aware and knowledgeable than ever before. But most people are so overwhelmed with information, misinformation, that they don't know what to choose, what to practice in the long run... So they don't hold on to anything and then it looks like that:)
And this is the aim of BloomingPine's philosophy of life - to choose the basic techniques and knowledge that will help us to live a conscious, joyful and fulfilled life and to cope with the challenges of the 21st century. Because that is the goal of most of us. We are not inventing any sensational things, but we are building a philosophy of life on the shoulders of the great thinkers of our civilization, which we are improving with current scientific knowledge and especially practical examples from our time.Of course, it is impossible to present the whole philosophy in a few lines, but we will try to summarize at least the basics, so that you have an idea and understand what makes it unique. 

Because we are all different - our philosophy only provides a skeleton, which each of us then gradually expands according to his needs. But after reading the book you have a great foundation that will help you immediately and you will have a clear idea of what to do and what to focus on in the coming months.
In order not to get lost in the wealth of information and techniques, the basis of the philosophy is a tree - hence the BloomingPine:), which represents our philosophy of life and our state. The fruits of the tree are the things we want our life to be filled with. Of course you don't have to know everything right away, and gradually they are added or dropped.  For example, having a partner, having children, having a business, being an activist, being involved in your city, or living according to some religious values. We all have it differently. Most people dream of things and when they get them, they are still dissatisfied. So, of course, to have good fruits of life, you have to have good seeds, healthy roots and a strong trunk....
Seed - consists of the foundational awareness, values and virtues that help us to persevere on our path and guide us in everyday situations and key decisions. 
Roots - is a sub-set of basic techniques and activities that we must master in order to be able to master more advanced techniques. For example, there are defined basic meta habits that take us a few minutes every day, but radically improve our lives. 
Trunk - if we have healthy roots, we are able to have a strong trunk - i.e. to be in an aware, peaceful and joyful state as often as possible. We all know that when we are nervous, stressed, afraid, we usually do not "attract" anything good into our life. That is why we should try to be in a good state as often as possible, because only then we manage our daily activities much better, we make the right decisions, which of course significantly affects the quality of our life. Of course, being in such a state is quite difficult at the beginning and that is why it is important to have some kind of procedure. This chapter contains techniques and procedures how to gradually be in this state as often as possible. And especially how to maintain it even in difficult situations, because that's where it's the most important:)
Branches - when we have a strong trunk, then we are able to do other techniques properly - for example, to plan properly, not to procrastinate, to reduce addictions and unhealthy habits, etc... Without a strong trunk, you are just spinning your wheels. This chapter contains many practical techniques that will take us even further.
Fruits - Many people find themselves working hard for something they don't even need. However, when we have good seed, healthy roots and a strong trunk, then we are able to consciously choose the right fruits and have a joyful and fulfilled life. It is unfortunately not possible to skip some steps:)

The great thing about this parabola is that at any moment in your life you are able to simply visualize your condition and what to focus on. For example, if you have completely broken foundations - roots, you will first of all gradually focus on them and not make hasty fundamental life decisions, which then mostly only cause problems. Conversely, if you have healthy roots and a strong trunk, you will easily know what to choose in life and what to focus on next.
So that's the short version, more in-depth in the book of course:)

To have the right knowledge, the right philosophy of life is of course very important, but it is equally important to practice it in the long term. That's why we want to create a mobile app that will help you every day. If you already have a mobile phone, at least make some practical use of it:) But most importantly we want to create a community that will help you to persevere - you will be able to find a sparring partner with whom you can co-motivate, or you can gradually expand your knowledge in other areas, according to the greater need.

We believe that the more people live a more conscious life, the better our society will be. We know from history that no learning can be built on one person, so we want to create a decentralized community. So at the beginning, we are looking for people who will help us to gradually build and expand it. If you want to get involved, help us with our co-creation bags. We want the first book to be as easy to understand as possible for as many people as possible, so we're collecting feedback from the start. Or support our crowdfunding campaign. If you would like to get more involved, feel free to join our core team, which we are gradually building up:)

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